Black & White stripes with studs!

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Anonymous: Could you please do a black and white water marble?

Sure! I’ll add it to my “to do” list :)

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Anonymous: First of all, I love love love your blog! Second of all, I was wondering if you knew what stores had good bargains on nail polish and supplies? And what is your favorite polish to work with? Keep up the great work! 😄

Hi, thank you! There are a few stores I visit often for cheap nail polish which are Ross, Big Lots, City Trends, 5 Below, Dollar General and even Dollar Tree has great things!

I have a ton of nail polish brands that I honestly couldn’t say which one is my favorite anymore, but I really like China Glaze and Color Club for the formula. I Also love Cosmetic Arts because they have beautiful colors. Cosmetic Arts is made by the company that makes Color Club. So essentially it is a more affordable Color Club. The bad thing about Cosmetic Arts is that not a lot of stores carry these, I’ve only seen them at City Trends and Ross(sometimes) and they’re really hard to find.

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flyawaken44: Hi! Oh my gosh I ADORE your blog!! I love doing my nails but I can never seem to find tape!! Where can I find thin nail tape?? Please help <3 thanks!!!

Thank you so much!

I got my thin tape from eBay and you can also buy it from

& has different kinds of tape.

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How to: pink water marble nails & polkadots.

Read all about water marble HERE.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Nails.

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Anonymous: what are those little stencil things and where do you get them? are they reusable?

I got them from You can only use them once but they come in packages so you’ll have plenty and wont run out of them after a while depending on how much you use them.

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